How do I buy a beat?

By admin on Sep 23, 2015 in - Comments Off on How do I buy a beat?

The process for buying a beat is pretty simple. First, you’ll find the beat you want to buy in the player. Once you’ve found the beat you want to buy, click the “+” to the right of the beat. You’ll see the following two options to choose from:

Non-Exclusive (MP3) – $19.95
Non-Exclusive (Wav) – $39.95

Click on one of the options above, and click “Buy Now”. From here, you have the choice to pay via credit card or paypal. Choose one and follow the instructions. After payment, you will see a download link and license agreement link. You are able to use the beats immediately. We will also email you the links so you will always have access to it in the future.

Check out the newest beats for sale here, and let’s make a hit together.